Temporary exhibition in progress


From June 21st to September 30th 2018

Hyperrealism is an art form that is of significant importance in our contemporary society today and one that continues to develop as technology advances.

Hyperrealism focuses on the visual reality and beyond, standing as a strong alternative to the conceptual art which is so dominant within contemporary art practice, hyperrealism satisfies the visual needs of the viewer. Artists of this genre examine and respond to reality in very specific ways, acknowledging the camera as a tool, and answering to the possibilities it offers to capture an instant in time, and the magic of that moment. The attention to detail, immense precision and amount of skill that goes into these works of art is reflected through the monumentality and diverse subject matter present in these paintings. At times, it can prove almost beyond our visual ability. There are no brush marks or textures between the image and the viewer, and a direct and precise image is conveyed without the imposition of the artist’s personality in the form of gestures.

In this show we have put together a very vibrant and exciting collection of artworks showing the best artists working within Still life, Landscape/Urban Landscape and Portrait/Human Figure today.