Temporary exhibition in progress

Scientific photography

From November 14th to January 26th 2020

Scientific photography is a fundamental tool for advancing in Science, Industry and Education. Science, in almost all its fields, progresses thanks to visual observations. Scientific photography serves a double role: on the one hand, to illustrate and set these observations and, on the other hand, it must be able to register numerous phenomena that are invisible to the naked eye, either because of their small size (microscopic), weak lighting (deep sky astrophotography), extreme speed or slowness (high-speed and time-lapse photography) or because our vision does not allow us to see types of radiation (Rx, UV, IR, thermography, etc.).

Scientific photography is not a speciality but a set of complex photographic techniques that cover more than 30 fields, 20 of which are presented here by Luís Monje, one of the few scientific photographers in the world who has dedicated most of his life to studying them, practising them and disseminating them, and has led the way in Spain in several of these techniques.