Images to touch

From 9th November 2017 to 28th January 2018


The project arose from the desire to transcend the classic image and to be able to aim it at people with partial or total visual limitations, creating a new way of looking at and touching a photograph, a new way of getting closer to the image. It is a fresh, ground-breaking activity for all ages.

The technique used, Didú, is yet another step ahead. Large black-and-white photographs are printed on a Dibond plate with UV inks which are converted into plastic polymers when they dry, thereby embossing the images. This technique gives you the chance to touch an image and to explore it with your fingers. This has been possible thanks to the research carried out by Estudios Durero.

It is a project born out of creativity and the wish to overcome obstacles. It is a dream come true. For the first time, photography can be approached and felt by a different sense: touch (forbidden not to touch).

The image becomes a shape and that precise shape is the one that is going to enable a dialogue about a photograph between visually impaired people and those who are not, between those who have good sight and those who have a visual limitation. Images for everyone.

It is a project that provides meeting areas for the standardization and facilitates the interpretation between people and the artwork. “Images to touch” represents the dual nature of images of musicians playing and the spectator, playing the image with their touch.

Juan Torre