El Món a la fi del Món

From 24th November 2016 to 29th January 2017

Moments of a life bordering on the impossible



There was a time when the world was grandiose, wild, stunning, desolate.  The world before and after mankind.  I always liked the word “desolate” for it conjures up the landscapes that attract me most:  untamed spaces untouched by man, places where you feel you are seeing Earth for the first time.


Places where you are always passing through, where you are tiny and vulnerable, where just being there often implies risking one’s life.  Everything there is extreme:  the light, the distances, the solitude, the silence, the power of ice, the seas and skies, either in the shape of furious storms or incandescent suns or in the singularity of the few humans adapted to living there.  Places that seem to reject you with all their considerable might, but always well worth making the effort to visit.


I’ve devoted most of my life to them.  This exhibition pays homage to some of those places that changed my life and that I now want to share with freedom dreamers and pilgrims to solitude, with all those fascinated by the beauty of our planet…


Sebastian Alvaro

El Món a la fi del Món