Projection of “The arm of the furies”

Thursday 13 December 2007, at 7 pm (in the Escaldes-Engordany Business Centre building)

Documentary film recalling memories of the bombardment of Lleida on 2 November 1937. Early in the afternoon nine Savoia Marchetti S-79 planes of the Italian Aviazione Legionaria dropped nearly seven tonnes of bombs on a defenceless and unsuspecting people. The result was close to 250 dead and over 500 injured. Among the victims were 50 boys and girls from the Liceu school. The documentary reconstructs the facts from the testimonies of survivors and families photographs, many of them unpublished. It also shows documentation which confirms the authorship of the bombardment by the Italian planes.

Presentation by the journalists Jordi Guardiola and Josep Carles Miranda, directors and scriptwriters of the documentary.

Activity organised on the occasion of the temporary exhibition “Fighting for life. Andorra and the Pyrenees during the World War II”.