Projection of “Frontier land: The Catalan Pyrenees between two Wars (1938-1945)

Thursday 10 January 2008, at 7 pm (in the Escaldes-Engordany Business Centre building)

Documentary film on the impact of war on the land and the people who lived on the Andorran frontiers with Catalonia and France. This was a scenario over which there was absolute control by the authorities  of the Franco regime, a situation which was intensified at the start of the Second World War (1939) and with the entry into Catalonia of people escaping from Nazism (Jews and allied soldiers), their destiny being the prison at Sort.

Address by Josep Calvet, graduate in Contemporary History at Barcelona University and author of the documentary script.

Activity organised on the occasion of the temporary exhibition “Fighting for life. Andorra and the Pyrenees during the World War II”.